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Experience home feeling in Knyazha Hora Hotel

Located right at the foot of a hill Knyazha Hora Hotel resembles a large and well-groomed Alpine house where European comfort meets sophisticated style. The hotel was build of environment-friendly materials, primarily wood and stone, which for centuries the wealthy houses have been usually built of.Safety of our gusts is always our top priority. To ensure that. The hotel is equipped with video monitoring systems and parking is securely fenced and guarded at night..

We are committed to a healthy way of life. Smoking is prohibited in the hotel and restaurant, so that you and your children can fully enjoy the exquisite fresh air of Kaniv.


"Art is long, life is short." Hippocrates

In 1954, when Pablo Picasso saw a picture of Kateryna Bilokur, he, struck, said: "If we had an artist of this level of skill, we would force the whole world to talk about her!". Restaurant boasts not only with the Highest Quality Certificate - here an unusual feeling never leaves you. The restaurant's interior consists of art works in various modern styles.

All the paintings exhibited in the gallery restaurant are the works of our personal collection, which includes more than 100 works.


Amid dramatic and tragic events in Ukraine the important, even painful question arises - where artistic statement is contained - as if it has no place in today's reality, which surpasses itself every day in the manifestations of cruelty. But if the language, reversing its own borders, becomes equal with a reality in absurdity and unpredictability and even violence, it certainly would have been a poetic language.

Moreover, the fluid poetic image represents reality, such as landscape or a man - and not vice versa.


Visit Knyazha Gora means have an active rest!

Such conditions are created for the complete comfort of our guests.
Collection "Adventures in the Open Air" will expand the boundaries of your ideas about recreational opportunities in Cherkasy region.
You will get an unforgettable experience and much pleasure from communicating with friends, spending time actively!


+38 095 283-38-33




1 Dniprovska street, town of KANIV

119 km from Kyiv | 70 km from Cherkassy

+38 095 283-38-33
+38 047 363-15-88